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Super fit gloves in malaysia

3 ply face mask supplier in malaysia

Impressive Expansion Sdn Bhd, established in 1996. We are glove manufacturer and one of the leading safety disposable suppliers specialize in supply for all type Latex, Nitrile & Vinly disposable glove in brand Super Fit ,disposable item; Such Examination Glove, Surgical Glove, Industrial Glove, Cleanroom Gloves , HDPE Glove ,mob cap , face mask , Cpe shoe cover and hdpe apron .  Our market includes both local and international customers such as China, India and middle east countries.

Our Commitment

Our Company are totally committed to quality and consistently delivering only the highest quality products. We provide vital support to our customer through the following value added services:

  • Product consistency

  • Excellent quality

  • Prompt delivery of quality products

  • Customer satisfaction

SUPER FIT Powder Free Nitrile Examinatio


Impressive Expansion Sdn Bhd always understand the market requirement & competitive pricing, therefore our Company is provide value added services such as customization of the packaging according to our customer requirement e.g. small poly bag packaging, small box packaging, vacuum packing, etc.

Quality Product

We always work closely with our customers and develop the market together . Most importantly, we are able to provide excellent quality gloves at very competitive price due to our efficiency. Besides, we also provide LCL and mix container services. Over time, we have grown and enlarged our customer based, built trust and loyalty.

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