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A Leading Manufacturer and Wholesales Supplier Disposable Glove

Powder Free Latex Examination Glove

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about us

Impressive Expansion Sdn Bhd established in 1996. We are glove manufacturer and one of the leading safety disposable suppliers specialize in supply for all type Latex, Nitrile & Vinly disposable glove in brand Super Fit ,disposable item; Such Examination Glove, Surgical Glove, Industrial Glove, Cleanroom Gloves , HDPE Glove ,mob cap , face mask , Cpe shoe cover and hdpe apron .  Our market includes both local and international customers.

We are always happy help you with all safety cleaning products

We offering value and quality with every products we deliver. 

We have enough stock on hand to meet the demand of our customers

Deliver products to customers in the committed date and time.

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